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What will the next 10 years of your life look like?



Picture this: you, living life...the way you were meant to. You're not just going through the motions - you are the motion that makes an impact in this world. Your job isn't just a paycheck and your career isn't a comfort zone - it's one of the many outlets you use to influence and shape the community that you're in.   Your future hopes and dreams aren't reveries you use to stay calm as you fight through traffic - with every step you take, they become your present experience of this thing called life.

Oh, wait...that's not you?






*enter me* Hi, I'm Mel! I have just one question for you:

Can I walk with you as you go through life?

Like many of us, learning key life lessons occurs through stumbling through challenge after challenge after challenge. After awhile, we get tired of the scars and skinned knees; some of us have even allowed those experiences to grow doubt and fear instead of courage and resilience. We learned to hide instead of rise...we carry a shield, but leave our swords at home. As a result, our lives can get thrown completely off course because of the messages we've allowed to our hearts to hear from mistakes, bad decisions, unexpected hardships and long stretches in the valley. 

But, who said you had to keep going this way?

Are you ready to make the most of the rest of your life? Do you want to prove your past wrong and move forward into your future?

Let's do life together! Let's untangle all of those layers that have been hiding the real you.  Let's get needle-point clear on who you really are and what you're really meant to do with your life. Let's identify the tools, skills, behaviors, and mindset that you need to walk into your destiny.

Interested in realigning the trajectory of your life? Let's go higher - together! As your life purpose coach, I will guide you through deep self-reflection to discover the real you - revisit old dreams and ambitions, and define actionable steps you can take to bring them to life...your life. 

Who am I perfect for? Good question! I'm best suited for anyone going through significant change or transition in life such as:
1. Young adults entering the workforce for the first time
2. Someone who has experienced a significant change in a relationship
3. Someone who is looking to change careers
4. First-time parents
5. Seniors that want to continue contributing to society with purpose

To learn more about our coaching partnership, send me a message! 

The best is yet to come,




Public Speaking


Need an energizing and rejuvenating presentation for your event? Send me a note with your request and I'll partner with you and your team to set the stage for a day of inspiration!

Group Workshops


Let's go higher together - as a group! Ask me about my partial- and full-day group coaching offerings that get your team into action!

Personal Coaching


Schedule your personalized coaching sessions with me today! In our time together, I will guide you through my self-reflection process to gain the clarity, confidence, and concrete steps you need to take to live your life on purpose.






The focus of Pluck: Picking Your Life’s Purpose is to make the choices that bring the most meaning and joy to your life. Using the 5P Coaching process, you will become clear on your top priority and create a roadmap and internal belief system that will take you from creation to completion.

In The 5P Coaching Process, we will:

  1. Plant: Understand your point A (current place in life) and visualize your point B (your desired place in life)

  2. Plan: Identify the fire in your belly and create a roadmap to achieve the goal

  3. Provide: Connect with others – your goal cannot be small enough to be achieved on your own

  4. Protect: Take an honest look at what’s holding you back on the inside

  5. Proclaim: Believe you are worth the effort it will take to live your life as you see it.




Email: mel@lifewithcoachmel.com

Tel: 602-456-1314

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